Holistic Dentist

Holistic Dentists and “Holistic Dental Care”

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

How you age has A LOT to do with your mouth and the health of the contents within.

It’s interesting that heart doctors will always talk to heart patients about plaque and the ramifications of bad oral health, yet its virtually unmentioned by healthcare professionals AT ALL.  Even heart doctors don’t educate their patients about implants and root canals, and what those surgeries can do to a person’s health.

Every tooth in the body is connected to a meridian that governs other organs in the body.  It’s a REAL THING.

If you’re in poor health, say you have digestive issues, find out if you have a tooth problem and be amazed at how that tooth, just so happens to be, connected to the stomach meridian!

I’m not here to write about all the things wrong in the medical and dental system, but to focus on BETTER choices, so that you and your loved ones can navigate your health options.

As a person, who spent 4.5 years in bed due to Lyme disease, Lupus and  routine wisdom teeth extraction (done by the book and still created massive jaw necrosis (when your jaw bone rots)), I’m writing to lend a hand as a currently 100% healthy person and founder of an oral care company.  I learned A LOT.

Options can be daunting and making EDUCATED decisions will save you a lot of grief in the end. Passing it forward is our duty.

The smartest thing anyone can do for their health is to see a holistic dentist that understands the WHOLE BODY CONNECTION.

Out of 200,000 dentists in this country, maybe 400 are part of the Holistic Dental Association (HDA).  We also prefer dentists that are a part of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) to have a check up with to CHECK your previous dental work to make sure it’s not making you sick.

How are they different exactly?

Holistic dentists and those that are part of the IABDM are really looking at a patient, with the BEST INTENTIONS to making sure they stay healthy and that none of the work they do creates infection or illness later on.  They are highly aware of the ramifications because many have practices where they mitigate other dental work, done by other dentists.

My wisdom teeth extractions (for example) created infection in the pockets that were left (called cavitations) and those pockets had no blood flow (no way of cleaning the pockets out) and the teeth and nervous system of these teeth were removed (so no pain came from those areas).

A regular dentist could not see the problem with X-ray; it was not detected AT ALL.  Later on, a biological dentist tested the meridians of each tooth, used digital X-rays and used the knowledge of what wisdom teeth extractions ARE, to make an informed decision of going into those areas to search for infection and mitigate it.  He didn’t have to search far, just tapped through the bone and “black oil” came out.

I had gangrene (and hundreds of other pathological infections) in all 4 wisdom teeth pockets that were not detected on X-ray clearly.  This is the type of problem that creates illness in millions of people in westernized countries and goes almost completely undetected, because the medical world does not accept it. 

It’s when you have the experience yourself, do you fully realize the problem.  I did get completely healthy AFTER I had this clean up work done and I went back to professionally running the 800m, after everyone else in the world gave up on me.  Talk about having to get over disappointments (which include a lot of people who called themselves “professionals”)!  

Holistic Dentist And Their Tool Chest

Besides looking at the health of the entire body…

  • They abstain from toxic materials that are commonly used in dentistry.
  • They remove amalgams (a very dangerous procedure that most dentists do not want to do because of MERCURY POISONING).
  • They typically abstain from root canals and find other solutions.
  • They use lasers to clean teeth.
  • They use ozone therapy to slow the growth of infections (truth to told, ozone kills all types of pathology REALLY WELL).
  • They use air abrasion to “sandblast” areas of tooth decay.
  • They use resin composites OR they use blood tests that can find materials for your fillings that are BIOCOMPATIBLE with your body. Think of it like you have a gluten intolerance, you would not want to fill your cavity with gluten.  Our bodies are all slightly different and we react differently to different substances and it’s important to KNOW that since a filling is for life!

They like to look for underlying causes for gum disease and cavities.  They are knowledgeable about acupuncture, dietary issues, etc.   Some biological dentists are actually full blown physicians!

Holistic Dentists Get Our Endorsement

We know too much.  We know so much about it, that to be a company that actually makes a difference in the world, we know that EDUCATION is key!  We strongly endorse the HDA and IABDM.

It’s not that your current dentist won’t do, because some dentists are already working hard on continuing education classes, understanding the advancements.  Perhaps, they are just not a part of these organizations (for whatever reason).  In another post, I’ll write about the KEY points to ask your dentist, so you can do your own vetting.

People get second opinions on cancer treatment, but nobody gets second opinions about dental work….and this is the kind of thing that can create infection, autoimmune illness (even cancer).  So don’t skimp on your dental visits and seek MORE OPINIONS.

We strongly encourage other dentists to join these associations.

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