How To Remineralize Teeth Naturally

The term remineralize teeth is something you may of seen a lot of lately, but what exactly does that mean?

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Let’s talk about the problems first, so you know what demineralizes teeth.

Dental erosion or acid erosion, is the loss of tooth structure and happens from:

  • the inside out (the health of your internal body),
  • the outside in (from frequency consumption of acidic food and drink or gastric acid, if you have heartburn),
  • nutritional deficiency (we all have them and they fluctuate based on many conditions, like being stressed out a lot can rob you of B-Vitamins and exercising  typically means you’re depleting iron and sodium levels), and
  • bruxism (grinding of teeth – see a dentist about this one immediately).

How do you know you need to remineralize?

Do you have sensitivity to hot/cold, soreness or tenderness of teeth, toothache, receding gums or redness of gums (but this also can be related to pathology, which is another discussion).

The standard treatment to remineralize teeth: 

  1. antacids (if you have gastric acid), 
  2. topical fluoride, 
  3. and oral care remineralization products (typically fluoride).

The not standard treatment to remineralize teeth: 

  1. minerals supplementation (everyone needs it and if you have bad teeth, you may want to get going on it), 
  2. eating SUR’SE oral care tooth tabs after meals and drink (stops acid and could actually help with acid reflux due to the content of the tab, including oils that promote good digestion),
  3. drinking good ol’ fashion water ( pH neutral as much as possible) during the day (and remember tap water is typically acidic),
  4. remineralizing teeth without the use of fluoride, medical literature proves it.

Is it more work to remineralize teeth naturally? Not really. 

  • Mineral supplementation and diet changes improve HOW YOU FEEL and how you age.  
  • SUR’SE breath freshener tabs are most enjoyable and does a lot more for your oral care and body than an antacid. 
  • Drinking water  improves skin texture and look, and how you feel!  
  • Using our tooth powder should be most enjoyable also and is healthy for the body, even when absorbed internally. 

We are aware that our tooth powder works synergistically with a person’s body to help sensitivity, even permanently for many people. One of the greatest compliments we get is that someone got off Sensodyne and/or they had good results with whitening, as whitening teeth with commercial products is a FAST TRACK to sensitivity problems.  You can read  about sensitive teeth whitening here.

Remineralize teeth with your own saliva– find out how it works.

Why the term “remineralize teeth”  is prevalent these days?

I believe it’s because it’s the alternative term for “anti-cavity” that most holistic oral care products cannot make claim to, because they don’t contain fluoride and fluoride is the only thing that the American Dental Association has deemed “anti-cavity” as it’s been studied to remineralize the area that is demineralized.  With that said, many studies on ingredients have shown the same effect, but is still unfortunately, not recognized.

The term remineralize and anti-cavity, are technically one of the same.