Vit D Good Teeth
by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Besides being a VERY good supplement to take during COVID, it also regulates calcium in the intestines and how that calcium is absorbed (or not). Chron’s disease, colitis and really any other type of conditions that cause malabsorption in the intestines can disrupt calcium regulation, which can adversely (and very severely) support DE-mineralization processes of bone (bone loss impacts enamel health).

Vit D is critical to calcium absorption.  As we mentioned before in a previous newsletter the IMPACT of doing a food allergy test (ALCAT), and how this helps you avoid specific foods that cause inflammation in the bowels (more common and even silent than most would believe).  If your teeth are suffering, focus on gut health and increasing Vit D.  A Vit D test is easily available for around $25-50 dollars at walk-in labs, like Any Labs Now or through your healthcare provider.

Even more important to know, it’s not just an “old persons” problem.  25% to 50% or more of patients commonly encountered in clinical practice are deficient in vitamin D.(1) Over 95 percent of senior citizens in the US may possibly be deficient, along with 85 percent of Americans.(2)

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